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What do PHP developers do?


“Personal Home Page” started off as a simple tool to let Internet users publish information to the Web. Over the past decade, this programming language has morphed into “PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor,” one of the Web’s most popular and dominant software development platforms. PHP developers master the art of generating dynamic content by fetching data from MySQL databases and other online resources.


The platform foursome dubbed LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) exploded in popularity as colleges, startup companies and hobbyists rushed to make their website filled in with dynamic information and settings.  In contrast to the expensive tools sold by established hardware vendors and software publishers, the low-cost LAMP solution gained traction quickly. Linux vendor Red Hat estimates that two-thirds of the Internet relies on LAMP solutions.


PHP developers don’t just work on small projects, however. Some of the Web’s most influential projects started as pieces of PHP code. Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook using PHP. Members of Facebook’s engineering team now donate time to write and publish free PHP enhancements. Many top blogs run on WordPress, a PHP-driven publishing tool. Infact WordPress alone stands as the most popular CMS/Blogging Tool all over the internet with a count of 74.6 Million.

Experience expertise

Immersive training

Interactive sessions


Industrial training in PHP


  • Core PHP [introduction and evaluation of all core concepts]
  • MySQL Database Management
  • Javascript
  • AJAX
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Php Framework (Codeignator, CakePHP etc)
  • CMS (WordPress, Majento,Drupal)
  • Shopping Cart (Joomla,Opencart,OsCommerce)


Php Training Criteria


  • On-the-job Php/MySql Practical Training – On Live Projects
  • Duration: Upto 3 Months.
  • Get trained by well experienced Php/Mysql Professionals .
  • You can also pursue the training from your own place with online help.
  • Experience Certificate will be given.
  • Fees according to your skills/requirements.

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