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Beaton Brothers Flooring


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About This Project

Beaton Brothers Flooring Co., Inc. was founded by David Beaton, Sr. in 1953 with $300.00.  At first, while working, he stored flooring in the basement of his home.  In 1956 he opened a warehouse in Bricktown, New Jersey. That warehouse which is still in use today currently houses prefinished flooring.In 1965, the company moved to Lakewood, New Jersey. Beaton Brothers Flooring has been located on 7th Street ever since.

Our experienced staff and attention to detail assured on-time delivery of your high quality flooring on our company-owned trucks.We pride ourselves on service, quality and value.Although we are a large company, we continue to service you, the customer, one at a time.With a fleet of trucks for on-time delivery and an experienced sales staff on hand we can handle all of your flooring needs.  Beaton Brothers services the tri-state area daily.