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Kothamangalam Club


About This Project

Kothamangalam Club was formed during the year 1988. The first meeting of the Kothamangalam Club was arranged to meet on 15th of January 1988 with 15 enthusiastic youngsters from different, socio-economical, political and leadership backgrounds.The first Charter Hon: President was Mr. Jose Cheriyan PoonoolyThe first Charter Hon: Secretary was Mr. Jose.G.MundackalThe first Charter Hon: Joint Secretary was Mr. Sabu CherianThe first Charter Hon: Treasurer was Mr..Joy P.IThe Charter members on that day decided to constitute, the rules and byelaws of Kothamangalam Club. Then they decided to give a formal ceremony and in the building of our Charter member Mr. Baby . A . Kurivilla, we started functioning of our Kothamangalam Club and after constituting the rules and byelaws of Kothamangalam Club, we started giving membership to known pupils and friends. Then the Charter members under the Chair of Hon: Charter President Mr. Jose Cherian Poonoooly. We decided to conduct an arranged meeting with 15 Charter members and other members who were inducted into the Kothamangalam Club. The inaugural meeting was decided to be conducted during the Onam festival, hence it was decided to conduct it on August 26th 1988 “THIRUONAM DAY” . Ever since we used to conduct our club day on “THIRUONAM”. Now for the past 10 years ie from 2002, we have decided to conduct the club day on the first Sunday after Thiruonam to facilitate the members who go outside Kothamangalam for spending their Onam Holidays.In the year 1989 (15-12-89) we brought land on the river of Kozhippilly river and built our own Building, after wards, we acquired some more adjoining lands and at present we have almost 2 acres of very beautiful plot by the riverside.